Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server

This OLE DB Provider is provided by Microsoft. The main functionality of the provider is contained in the file msoledbsql.dll.

Include "Provider=msoledbsql" in the connection string to use this provider.


Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server was released 2018. It supports the existing features of SQL Server Native Client 11 and connectivity to SQL Server 2012 - 2017, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

The install package is standalone and is released out-of-band with SQL Server versions. This also means the driver will not be packaged in the SNAC library, nor coupled with any other driver.

Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server delivers the SQL OLE DB driver in one DLL. It also provides new functionality above and beyond that supplied by the Windows DAC, formerly MDAC. It supports features such as multiple active result sets (MARS), user-defined data types (UDT), query notifications, snapshot isolation, and XML data type.

Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server is the third generation of OLE DB Drivers for SQL Server. It introduces multi-subnet failover capabilities and includes the latest TLS 1.2 standards. Backwards compatibility with SNAC 11 is maintained.

More info about this provider can be found at the Microsoft product page.


This OLE DB Provider, Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server, can be downloaded here.

Connection Strings

The Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server provider can be used to connect to the following data sources by using the following connection string references:

SQL ServerSQL Server 2019SQL Server 2017SQL Server 2016SQL Server 2014SQL Server 2012Azure SQL Database