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Dmitry F. Nikolaenko

Budapest, Hungary
Connection strings for Core Lab's MySQLDirect, OraDirect and PostgreSQLDirect providers

Mike Graff

Oracle connection strings

Matt Dawdy

Overland Park, United States
Pervasive connection string

Steve Craft

Philadelphia, United States
Visual FoxPro connection strings and info

Niall Baird

Melbourne, Australia
Ingres connection strings

Simon Sellick

Worcestershire, United Kingdom
SQL syntax for querying Excel-files

Russ Hughes

Duarte, United States
Sybase connection string

Rap Payne

Dallas, United States
Oracle connection string

Mario Ciappara

Siggiewi, Malta
Sybase connection string clarification

Jens Süßmeyer

Bendorf, Germany
SQL Native Client connection strings and feedback

Eske Rahn

Sybase connection string correction

Paul A. Mayer

Richmond, United States
Sybase documentation link

Anton M Delsink

Manchester, United Kingdom
SQL Server 2005 context connection and SQL Server 2005 mirrored server connection string

John Schilling

Las Vegas, United States
SQL Server 2005 connection strings

Chris Cody

Oklahoma City, United States
DBF / Foxpro connection strings

Sergio De Cao

Vicenza, Italy
Interbase SIBProvider connection string

Dan Bayley

Manchester, United Kingdom
SQLBase connection string

Mark Longmire

Somersworth, United States
SQLBase connection string

Mike Wedge

Durham, United Kingdom
Intersystems Caché connection string

Vadim Mazur

Omsk, Russia
SQLite connection string and information

Ferdinand Kugi

Graz, Austria
Text file Jet OleDb registry information

Carl Thomas

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Filemaker connection string

Dick Turnquist

Sacramento, United States
AS/400 / iSeries driver info

Richard Taylor

Wakefield, United Kingdom
Visual Foxpro driver explanation

Stephen Zlamany

Shelton, United States
SQL Server and Windows CE connection string

Jaap O. Mark

Connection pooling considerations

Cetin Basoz

Izmir, Turkey
Visual Foxpro and Foxpro clarifications

Robert Arnold

London, United Kingdom
Sybase connection string and link to reference

Richard Hay

London, United Kingdom
Sybase connection string and details

Philip Walker

Wilmington, United States
Sybase connection strings

Kevin Connell

Seattle, United States
Teradata connection string

Yuri Abele

Karlsruhe, Germany
Network library correction

Anton Melser

Bordeaux, France
Excel 2007 connection strings

Andrew Morton

Hertford, United Kingdom
Access connection string

Steve Holle

Billings, United States
Excel 2007 connection info

Nick Terrible

Dublin, United States
SQL Server connection strings update

Jan Uys

South Africa
Microsoft Project clarifications

Miguel Bento

Johannesburg, South Africa
Excel 2003 connection details

Tarek J. Sabra

Brooklyn, New York, United States
SQL Server Compact Edition connection string

Chip Broecker

Tampa, United States
Oracle EZ Connect connection strings and information

Benjamin Nelson

Garland, United States
SQL Server connection strings correction and information

Jon Seidel

Oakland, United States
Excel connection string workaround and article author

Greg Harward

Austin, United States
Connection strings for Composite Information Server

Jason Terando

Manila, Philippines
PostgreSQL connection string correction

Jonas Peschla

Kaiserslautern, Germany
MySQL MySqlConnector connection string correction

Bastian Teufel

Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
MySQL 64 vs 32 bit clarifications

Henry Minute

London, United Kingdom
Jet 64 bit driver correction

Matthew Klein

Idaho Falls, United States
ComputerEase connection strings and research

Jakub Dubec

Martin, Slovakia
Interbase connection strings

Keith E Truesdell

Getzville, United States
SharePoint list connection strings clarifications

Brian Zablocky

Medford, United States
Zim database connection strings

Kyle Flamm

Madison, United States
Visual Foxpro driver download link content

Trevor Hancock

United States
Visual FoxPro connection strings, corrections and additions

Ulf Engstrand

Linköping, Sweden
SharePoint .net library submission and connection strings

Eugenie Amalfitano

Melbourne Beach, United States
Clarified solution for ACE OLEDB provider error

Paul Menefee

Lexington, United States
Sybase ASE connection string and details input for charset section

Travis Beames

Melbourne, Australia
IBM System i (iSeries, AS/400) ODBC connection strings