SQL Native Client 9.0 ODBC Driver

This ODBC Driver is provided by Microsoft. The main functionality of the driver is contained in the file sqlncli.dll.

Include "Driver={SQL Native Client}" in the connection string to use this driver.


The SQL Server Native Client 9.0 ODBC Driver (SQL Native Client) was released with SQL Server 2005 and can access SQL Servers from 7.0 and above.

Programs that are written using the SQL Native Client ODBC driver communicate with SQL Server through function calls. The SQL Server-specific versions of the ODBC functions are implemented in the SQL Native Client ODBC driver. The driver passes SQL statements to SQL Server and returns the results of the statements to the application. The SQL Native Client driver supports connecting to SQL 7.0 and later.

The driver is included in the "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack".

The SQL Native Client ODBC driver complies with the Microsoft Win32 ODBC 3.51 specification. The driver supports applications written using earlier versions of ODBC in the manner defined in the ODBC 3.51 specification.

More info about this driver can be found at the Microsoft product page.


This ODBC Driver, SQL Native Client 9.0 ODBC Driver, can be downloaded here.

Connection Strings

The SQL Native Client 9.0 ODBC Driver driver can be used to connect to the following data sources by using the following connection string references:

SQL ServerSQL Server 2005SQL Server 2000SQL Server 7.0