SQLBase .NET Data Provider

This .NET Framework Class Library is provided by Gupta Technologies. The main functionality of the class library is contained in the file Gupta.SQLBase.Data.DLL.

Add a reference to the assembly Gupta.SQLBase.Data and include the Gupta.SQLBase.Data namespace. Instantiate a new SQLBaseConnection connection object. Set the connection string and open the connection.

VB.NET code sample
Imports Gupta.SQLBase.Data
Dim myConnection As SQLBaseConnection = New SQLBaseConnection()
myConnection.ConnectionString = myConnectionString
' execute queries, etc
C# code sample
using Gupta.SQLBase.Data;
SQLBaseConnection myConnection = new SQLBaseConnection();
myConnection.ConnectionString = myConnectionString;
// execute queries, etc


The current version of SQLBase provides objects that implement eight of the .NET interfaces. The vast majority of their functionality is identical to that described in the .NET Framework documentation for the class library.

SQLBaseConnection: implements the IDbConnection interface, establishes a connection to a specific data source.

SQLBaseCommand: implements the IDbCommand interface, executes a command against a data source, exposes parameters and can execute within the scope of a Transaction.

SQLBaseDataReader: implements the IDataReader interface and reads a scrollable, read-only stream of data from a data source.

SQLBaseDataAdapter: implements the IDataAdapter interface; populates a DataSet and resolves updates with the data source.

SQLBaseTransaction: implements the IDbTransaction interface and represents a transaction to be performed at a data source.

SQLBaseParameter: implements the IDataParameter interface, represents a parameter which can be passed to a SQL command.

SQLBaseParameters: implements the IDataParameters interface, which is a simple collection of SQLBaseParameter objects.

In addition to these eight objects, SQLBase provides SQLBaseException, a public interface/object which is used for throwing exceptions to a client in case of a SQLBase error during a client method call.


Download the trial package (full SQL Base product). Choose custom install and select only the desired connection components. Those are not under trial license.

More info about this class library can be found at the Gupta Technologies product page.


This .NET Framework Class Library, SQLBase .NET Data Provider, can be downloaded here.

Connection Strings

The SQLBase .NET Data Provider class library can be used to connect to the following data sources by using the following connection string references: