SQLite.NET connection strings

Connects to


  • Basic

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;

    Version 2 is not supported by this class library.

  • In-Memory Database

    An SQLite database is normally stored on disk but the database can also be stored in memory. Read more about SQLite in-memory databases here.

    Data Source=:memory:;Version=3;New=True;
  • Using UTF16

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;UseUTF16Encoding=True;
  • With password

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Password=myPassword;
  • Using the pre 3.3x database format

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Legacy Format=True;
  • With connection pooling

    Connection pooling is not enabled by default. Use the following parameters to control the connection pooling mechanism.

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Pooling=True;Max Pool Size=100;
  • Read only connection

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Read Only=True;
  • Using DateTime.Ticks as datetime format

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;DateTimeFormat=Ticks;

    The default value is ISO8601 which activates the use of the ISO8601 datetime format

  • Store GUID as text

    Normally, GUIDs are stored in a binary format. Use this connection string to store GUIDs as text.

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;BinaryGUID=False;

    Note that storing GUIDs as text uses more space in the database.

  • Specify cache size

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Cache Size=2000;

    The Cache Size value measured in bytes

  • Specify page size

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Page Size=1024;

    The Page Size value measured in bytes

  • Disable enlistment in distributed transactions

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Enlist=N;
  • Disable create database behaviour

    If the database file doesn't exist, the default behaviour is to create a new file. Use the following parameter to raise an error instead of creating a new database file.

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;FailIfMissing=True;
  • Limit the size of database

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Max Page Count=5000;

    The Max Page Count is measured in pages. This parameter limits the maximum number of pages of the database.

  • Disable the Journal File

    This one disables the rollback journal entirely.

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Journal Mode=Off;
  • Persist the Journal File

    This one blanks and leaves the journal file on disk after a commit. Default behaviour is to delete the Journal File after each commit.

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Journal Mode=Persist;
  • Controling file flushing

    Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Synchronous=Full;

    Full specifies a full flush to take action after each write. Normal is the default value. Off means that the underlying OS flushes I/O's.

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