IBM DB2 Driver for ODBC and CLI

This ODBC Driver is provided by IBM. The main functionality of the driver is contained in the file db2app.dll.

Include "Driver={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER}" in the connection string to use this driver.


The IBM DB2 Driver for ODBC and CLI provides runtime support for the DB2 CLI application programming interface (API) and the ODBC API. Though the DB2 Client and DB2 Runtime Client both support the DB2 CLI and ODBC APIs, this driver is not a part of either DB2 client. It is available separately, installed separately, and supports a subset of the functionality of the DB2 clients. It is available to download from the internet, and it is on the DB2 Version 9 install CD.

More info about this driver can be found at the IBM product page.


This ODBC Driver, IBM DB2 Driver for ODBC and CLI, can be downloaded here.

Connection Strings

The IBM DB2 Driver for ODBC and CLI driver can be used to connect to the following data sources by using the following connection string references: