This Data Shaping COM component is provided by Microsoft.
The wrapper COM component is contained in the file msadds.dll.


Include "Provider=MSDataShape;Data Provider=providername" in the connection string to use this wrapper COM component.


Data Shaping using MSDataShape allows you to create hierarchial recordsets, or "recordsets in recordset". This way you can browse relational data in a convenient way. Say for instance you have a Persons table and an Orders table. Using data shaping you can retrieve one recordset containing persons and for each person record in that recordset loop through that persons Orders recordset.

More info about this wrapper COM component can be found at the Microsoft product page.


There is no 'MSDataShape' installation package to download. (if you know about an installation package URL you can contribute to the community by submitting the info to us through this message form)

Connection Strings

The MSDataShape wrapper COM component can be used to connect to the following data sources:

SQL ServerSQL Server 2000SQL Server 7.0Oracle

To see available connection options, navigate to the connection strings reference by the above links.