Oracle Provider for OLE DB

This OLE DB Provider is provided by Oracle. The main functionality of the provider is contained in the file OraOLEDB.dll (9i) or OraOLEDB10.dll (10g).

Include "Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle" in the connection string to use this provider.


The Oracle Provider for OLE DB allows access to Oracle databases for ADO- or OLE DB-enabled applications. Current ADO and OLE DB programmers can easily migrate to the Oracle provider because it complies with the OLE DB specification. Additionally, the provider allows access to Oracle-specific features, including PL/SQL stored procedures, LOBs, and RAC.

The Oracle OLE DB Provider supports transaction enlistment through the Oracle Services for MTS. The Oracle Provider for OLE DB also offers full support for .NET via the Microsoft OLE DB .NET data provider. With OLE DB .NET, applications can access the Oracle database from any .NET programming language.

There is also a native 64-bit version of this provider.

More info about this provider can be found at the Oracle product page.


This OLE DB Provider, Oracle Provider for OLE DB, can be downloaded here.

Connection Strings

The Oracle Provider for OLE DB provider can be used to connect to the following data sources by using the following connection string references: