7.X using Intersolv ODBC

Connection string

This Intersolv 3.11 ODBC Driver connection string can be used for connections to Paradox.

DataDirect provides this Paradox 7.x table format driver with read-write capability. Note that Paradox tables remain frozen at table format 7.x, That means that software mentioning Paradox 8, 9, 10 tables are really always referencing format 7.x.


Not all parameters are required, most of them can be set at the DSN system config.

Parameters definition
AUT - ApplicationUsingThreads
CT - CreateType
DB - Database
DSN - DataSourceName
DQ - DeferQueryEvaluation
FOC - FileOpenCache
IS - IntlSort
ND - NetDir
PW - Passwords
USF - UltraSafeCommit
ULQ - UseLongQualifiers