SQL Connection from Access uses windows account and gets permission denied

I have an 2010 Access Database where I am using a connection string to link (via MA Access Query) to a table on our SQL Server. I am using the connection string below. and it pulls back the table just fine.

However, when I ask someone to test it out, they cannot access the query and the error message shows it trying to access the server off of their windows authentication information (user id and password) and they do not have permission to that table with their authentication information.

The reason why I was able to see the data is because my windows login info has permissions for this table on the SQL Server. I need to how to adjust my conneciton string to totally by pass the windows authentication and use the ID and password I've hard coded in.

ODBC;DRIVER=SQL Server; SERVER=MAP\TEST;User Id=sbsvc;Password=Howdy!;DATABASE=Sales;

Thank you.

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