Paradox connection string problem

I am accessing a Paradox DB that works fine on my machine, but on any other machine gives a error [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed.

Here is my connection string: "Driver={Microsoft Paradox Driver (*.db )};Uid=NA1UTCFS\218015910;UserCommitSync=No;Threads=3;SafeTransactions=0;ParadoxUserName=NA1UTCFS\218015910;ParadoxNetStyle=4.x;ParadoxNetPath=C:\Users\218015910\AppData\Local\Temp\;PageTimeout=5;MaxScanRows=8;PWD=CA829MI820;MaxBufferSize=65535;DriverID=538;Fil=Paradox 7.X;DefaultDir=C:\Users\218015910\AppData\Local\Temp\;Dbq=C:\Users\218015910\AppData\Local\Temp\;CollatingSequence=ASCII"

BDE is installed on my machine and on the other machine I am testing on.


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are you sure?
asked Ron West

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this query works...

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are you sure?
answered David Den

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