VFP need MSXML2, 4.0

I have loaded VFP9 with SP2 on 64-bit Win-10. It seems to work correctly since I do not have intricate programs, just related databases. With every log-in I get a message: 0: Class definition MSXML2.DOMDOCUMENT.4.0 is not found. No surprise, MSXML2 is no longer available. MS support sent me MSXML6 which I already had several of with other apps. 1) will VFP recognize MSXML6? If so, where should it be installed? If not, is MSXML2---4.0 available somewhere?

1 answer

I have the same question except I loaded VFP 8.0 with VFP 9.0 update. Probably shouldn't have done that but reading about the update left me feeling it would be ok.