How to read DBF file without needing .CDX file

How to read DBF file without needing .CDX file - I have a C# program and I just want to read the DBF file. Files have small amounts of data so CDX is not needed and I am not always provided with them. So I need a way to have my program tell the driver when I am opening the DBF to not validate for .CDX.

I saw something about SET TABLEVALIDATE=0 but I can't figure out how to set that - or if that even will help me.

I am using Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 driver at the moment with Extended Properties=dBase IV

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In VFP, if you try to open a .DBF without its .CDX, you have a messagebox and if you clic on 'Ignore', the file is opened without any problem.

Have you try to open your .DBF from c# without any other command (I mean with only the standard opening procedure) ?

.CDX may be a problem but if the .dbf belongs (or belonged (?)) to a database container (.DBC) you could have other errors.


PS I am an old fan of VFP, but I know nothing about C# and english is not my natural language !

We open the DBF files using ODBC driver in C#. This allows us to do "standard" sql to query the data.