Connect properties for ODBC vs OLEDB

I have an application provided by a 3rd party. I can no longer get support for the application. It uses an OLEDB connection to my own database to import information. A security patch is now blocking the use of the OLEDB connection. I need to change to connection to ODBC or SQL Server Native. The application uses Xml files to control all its configuration, including database connections. I am in over my head figuring out how to change the connection parameters defined in the Xml file to convert the connection from OLEDB to ODBC or SQL Server Native. The OS on the system is Microsoft Server 2012 SP2, and the Microsoft SQL version is Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (64-bit) (10.0.6556.0). I need help, well, honestly, just an answer. Here are the connection parameters in that XML file where defined. To what do I need to change these for what specific driver (ODBC, SQL Server Native)?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

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