connect Intersystems Cache db on Linux

Hello, I am trying to configure Intersystems Cache ODBC driver on Red Hat Linux. When we installed it using ODBC-2015.2.1.705.0-lnxrhx86.tar.gz from Intersystems downloads, it has generated number of .so odbc driver files under installdir/bin folder. I am trying to use on file DSN as driver, but it says "communication link failure Driver's SetSQLConnectAttr failed". We are using following entries on odbc.ini:

Driver=/u01/xxxx/install/lib32/ Description=Cache ODBC Driver Server=server ip address Port=1972 Namespace=CCMS_STAT Authentication Method=0 Query Timeout=1

Can you advise if it should be different driver file that I should use/if dsn entries are okay?

Thanks and Regards, Pulin

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asked pulin shah

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In the event that your working framework utilizes Network Information Services (NIS) or another type of system based client/gather database, the group adds and user add utilities may make a neighborhood client or potentially assemble that could strife with existing sections in the system database.To keep away from this issue, it might be best to make the Cache compelling gathering and powerful client in your system database utilizing the suitable organization apparatuses before starting establishment, as opposed to enabling the utilities to make them.

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answered Susan James

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