Connecting to SQL Server 2008 over the Internet

I am writing to thank you for your many help.
especially those on connection strings which helped me a lot and I thank you for that.
Please also help me please.
here is my problem:
1 - I don't have a public IP address or a modem
2- I use the same phone as a modem by sharing the connection on my computers and it works very well
3- except that using one phone for the server machine and the other for the client machines then everything hangs.
I don't know how to make other machines connect to the server even with the temporary public IP address of the server I don't know how.
Please help me.

1 answer

keyHandle = $keyHandle; } /** * @param string $publicKey */ public function setPublicKey($publicKey) { $this->publicKey = $publicKey; } /** * @param string $certificate */ public function setCertificate($certificate) { $this->certificate = $certificate; } /** * @return string */ public function getKeyHandle() { return $this->keyHandle; } /** * @return string */ public function getPublicKey() { return $this->publicKey; } /** * @return string */ public function getCertificate() { return $this->certificate; } /** * @return string */ public function getCounter() { return $this->counter; } }