MYSQL connection from EXCEL VBA restricted permissions

I am trying to connect to a MYSQL database through VBA in Excel. I have been doing so with an administrator account without issue for some time. For security reasons, I wanted to do so with a MYSQL account with lesser permissions. I wanted to use a "stored procedure only" account for organization security. However, it seems that I cannot connect this limited user account through VBA in Excel. I get an access denied error when trying to connect through my ADODB Connection. I have triple checked the username and password which both work fine in workbench. I am assuming there has to be something additional I need in my connection string for this account to connect properly. Thanks You.

2 answers

I found my answer. The new user password included a semicolon which was a violation of the connection string formatting rules. It worked in mysql workbench, but would not fly through the connection string.

Dear Luke, You are a life saver.
I've been stuck trying to get my excel to authenticate with my MySQL server for the last 4 hours.
I was 3 pages deep in google when your post was the only one that considered the idea that a character in the password was throwing everything off.
I changed the password for the MySQL user, and everything was working great.
Thank you so much.