Unable to Run Excel VBA Automated Connection to AS400 using iACS

With a recent upgrade of our PCs to Windows 10 (64 bit) and using iAccess Client Solutions, 32 bit, (iACS), we lost the ability to run Excel VBA automated sessions on our AS400. Previously we were using the iAccess for Windows, 32 bit (iAW), which used PCOMM features to connect Excel VBA to the AS400.

I have prepared a slide which shows the previous and current Excel VBA to AS400 flow. We have been researching for months to find a way to enable the new configuration using iACS without any success. Note: I am unable to post a screenshot on this forum.

Fortunately, we did maintain one computer in our office with the older Excel to AS400 connectivity using iAW where we continue to run the Excel to AS400 automation, but we want to implement a solution where several other computers can execute the automation in the upgraded environment.

Could someone, please contact me and I would like to have dialogue to fully explain my issue, and provide guidance towards a solution?

Thanks in advance

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