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I've set up a Machine DSN to MySQL via 3.51, and now am trying to create a connection string, but having an issue where the ODBC Window appears as the code is running, and I don't want the users to have to select the DSN manually.

My connection string is: myConnect = "ODBC; DSN = sqlDatabase"

I previously tried "ODBC; DRIVER = {mysql odbc 3.51 driver}; DATA SOURCE = blablabla;" string, but was getting failures there, which led me to believe that since I had pre-setup the DSN, the direct method made more sense.

However, I can't get the ODBCAD32 window to stop popping up.

This is my first attempt at using an SQL pass-through query. Any help would be appreciated.

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asked Greg Floes

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Popping up window may be the result of driver bits incompatibility with your OS. I don't know what bits your OS is but I recommend you to download mysql ODBC driver which supports both 32 and 64 bits systems and try it.

Here is an example of working connection string with this driver:

Login Prompt=False;User ID=root;Password=root;Data Source=localhost;Database=test

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answered Dan Wake

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