IB Provider v3 Connection String for Interbase

Hi Guys,

I'm using OLE DB IB Provider ver3 to Connecting to InterBase XE in Visual studio 2010, c++ environment.

I'm using following for local host

strConn  = L"Provider=LCPI.IBProvider.3;";
	strConn += L"Location=@localhost:";
	strConn += L"Database=C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\Desktop\\R3.IB;";          
	strConn += L"user id=SYSDBA;";
	strConn += L"Password=masterkey;";

    m_pConn->Open(_bstr_t(strConn),_bstr_t( "" ),_bstr_t( ""  ),adConnectUnspecified);
catch(_com_error& e)
	CString sBuff = GetErrorDescription(e);	

this shows the following message:

Message : Unspecified error Code : 0x80004005 Source :
LCPI.IBProvider.3 Description : Database connection failed. Unable to
complete network request to host "pankajchauhan". Failed to establish
a connection. An address incompatible with the requested protocol was

Either my connection parameters are wrong or i m missing some another thing.

Please anyone can help me for this.

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