Interbase ODBC to Access with foreign characters

I have a legacy Delphi database, with an application written in Borland Pascal. It's an old system, running on a virtual XP box, since it won't run on anything newer.

I'm trying to use the INTERSOLV Interbase ODBC driver to read the files with Access. It works, I am connected and can read the files, but some of the foreign characters are wrong. I have tried numerous Charset texts in both the ODBC setup and in the Access connection string, but nothing works quite correctly.

The ODBC configuration setup either connects and Access then shows the characters incorrectly, or complains that the parameter for Charset is invalid.

Changing the connection string directly in Access seems to have no effect at all. The string is written in, and a subsequent ?currentdb.TableDefs("OSOBY").Connect in the immediate pane confirms that the string is there, but nothing has any effect, including complete nonsense, like charSet=xxxxxxxx.

Any ideas on what I can try?

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