VCM and SQL Data Base 2010/2012

This is the scope: We are engaged in the cleanup of our systems with the sole purpose of checking

and remediateing vulnerabilities in all our servers. We will continue with the process in the

whole enterprise. We have a VCM as well as many other ITSM and inventory tools. They have been in

place for some time so do their widespread lax security. Our new security paradigm will arrive as

soon as I get my grips on this, to this end I must seek your advise.

First to start the cleanup I had to build a database which will enable me to organize the raw

data (bad one) I exported from VCM for further investigation and analysis. Moreover, I can

compare it to other Inventory tools like ITI, ECM and HPsim. I hope to get valid information by

the end of the exercise. Note that I developed a variance of which tool seems to be reliable and

accurate in finding valid servers as it is in this case.

My problem is this, my database is static: This means that I have to go to VCM to capture and

export data just to get an up to date inventory. This is not funny. I will like to find out how

to integrate our VCM with the SQL database 2012 I built. If you know how please let me know. I

just want my SQL database to be dynamic and in tune with the VCM. This can greatly assist me with

my work.


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