Connection string with TCP port number for SQL Server 2008

I got a LAN (non-domain) nature. One of the PC of Widnows 7 Pro (32bit) is hosting SQL Server Express 2008 and Custom Made Application which is using the SQL server. Now the other PC (Vista Business) tries to run that application using the shared database of the Windows 7 PC. It comes back with the DBNETLIB error which is not coming to add the port:1433 in the connection string from Widnows Vista PC.

At the moment the Shortcut's Properties of the Application of Vista PC is,
Target= \pcname\sharedfoldername\filename.exe \pcname\sharedfoldername\filename.udl

Sign in: \pcname\sharedfoldername

NOW here where can I add the tcp port 1433 to connect to the SQL server.

Help is required.

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asked Shree Bhatt

1 answer

In the UDL file, specify server name as SERVERNAME,1433 or IPADDRESS,1433

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answered Max Wikström

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