Connection string for web server to a local network server

I currently have a my aspx files stored on a web server with 2008 ms sql. I have no problem connecting to the ms sql on the web server using a connectstring in my web.config. My company also has a local network 2008 ms sql where I need to retrieve some data. Is it possible to create a connection string in my web.config file on the web server to connect me to my company's local network server? Any help or insight would be appreciated!


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It depends on how the servers are located to each other and whether there is a firewall in between blocking network traffic to the local SQL Server instance.

It is possible to connect to a remote SQL server but it all comes down to knowing the external IP or name of the SQL Server and what port to connect to. Is your web server and the database server located on the same network?

Maybe TCP/IP is the way to go for your connection?

John Hancker,
You are correct. It was the firewall in between blocking the network traffic to the local sql server. I had time warner cable open up a port for me and I am now able to make a connection.