Connect to MySQL from classic ASP without ODBC connection

Hey folks,

Got an urgent problem I could use some help with.

We are hosted with fasthosts and they have altered the servers so now I need a connection string to MySQL database that does not use ODBC.

I have tried the following:

Conn.Open "Provider=MySQLProv;Location=< server ip >;Data Source=< db name >;User Id=< db user >;Password=< password >;" "Driver={mySQL};Server=< server ip >;Option=131072;Stmt=;Database=< db name >;User=< db user >;Password=< password >;"

Both of these return a 500 error on the login page that worked fine until the changeover.

The database has not moved or been altered in any way.

Am I missing something or is there anything else I could try?

Any help would be truly appreciated.



2 answers

What's the actual error message? A 500 status response is just a generic code for "server error" which doesn't give much of a hint...

I know it's a late post, but for anyone looking for a solution:

"DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.3 UNICODE Driver}; Server=;Database=;UID=;Password=; OPTION=3"

Do not include any port number as part of your connection string.

Hope this helps.

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