Connection string with windows authentication

I am new to Teradata, and currently facing an issue in creating a connection string with Windows authentication.
Consider my company name is xyz and my user id is abc. I usually login to Windows desktop with user name as xyz/abc. The Teradata db is in company network.
We had developed a .NET application that tries to connect to Teradata db and fetch some data.
Recently, there has been some policy changes in my company in which one of them says that we have to use the user id's given by company to login to Teradata db. The connection string was like:
Data Source=myServerAddress;User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword;

Could anyone please let me know what is the proper connection string that I need to use that includes my domain/username information ? Or do I need to set those values somewhere in my .NET code and then use the above connection string?

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Would anyone be able to please tell me what is the best possible association string that I have to utilize that incorporates my area/username data ? Or, on the other hand do I have to set those qualities some place in my .NET code and after that utilization the above association string?Dissertation Writing Service