How to build an ODBC connection string for SAP HANA with kerberos

Hello, everyone:

There is a problem which troubled me for several days, I need to build an odbc connection string to connect to SAP Hana with kerberos. I know the common connection string without kerberos authentication which like this: "Driver={0};ServerNode={1};UID={2};PWD={3};", and it works well in my application.

        var hanaConnection = string.Format("Driver={0};ServerNode={1};UID={2};PWD={3};", driverName, serverName, userName, password);



            using (var hanaConn = new OdbcConnection(hanaConnection))




            MessageBox.Show("Connect to Hana sucessfully.");


Now I need to connect to SAP HANA with kerberos authentication, I have set up both server and client environments of kerberos. But I don't know what the new odbc connection string should be, is there any new node key needed to be added into the connection builder? such as:KrbFQDN,KrbRealm,KrbServiceName. Anyone who know more about this please give me some advice. Thanks in advance.


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