connect string connects to dbo schema rather than connection user's default

I'm Brand New to SqlServer. I've never used it before. And I have been given the task of creating a user/database that our jboss server can connect to.

I created a user testuser and I gave this user a default schema of testschema.

/****** Object: User [mdrs_dev] Script Date: 8/8/2014 8:44:49 PM ******/
CREATE USER [testuser] FOR LOGIN [testuser] WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=[testschema]

But when I run jboss, our web application is trying to access the dbo schema.

jdbc:sqlserver://SomeHost:1433;databaseName=SomeDatabase sqlserver testuser Password ...

I thought it would be enough to make the user's default schema testschema, but apparently it is not. How can I connect to this user's schema rather than the dbo schema?

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