VB6 can't log on to sql 2012 from another machine in the domain

I have a VB6 application that runs correctly from the system that contains the sql server and the source code, either when compiled as an exe or directly from the VB6 developer.

It uses this connection string.

    g_DBConn.ConnectionString = "provider=SQLNCLI11;server=SERVER-PC;database=QuotesWODataSQL;uid=xxxxxxx;pwd=xxxxxxxxxxx"

g_DBConn is defined as:

Public g_DBConn As Connection

When the exe is moved to another machine on the local network, it returns the error.

Login failure for user xxxxxxxx.

The database is installed on an SQL2012 server with SQL authentication. The user is mapped to the database as dbo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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