Invalid user name and/or password in odbc_connect command in php script

I use Eaglesoft practice management software for my practice. For the older version (16.0), I had a simple php script written to connect to its database using oddc_connect. The database is sybase (Sap) sql anywhere and the connection string used was odbc_connect("dental", "dba","sql").
But with the latest version that has been installed for Eaglesoft, on running this script, I get a message "...the user name and/or password is invalid". I don't recall changing any dba password during the installation process. Also, the database is still the same and hasn't changed. Also, I don't see any system or user level odbc drivers under odbc management panel.
So do I need to download and setup the odbc driver? is there some extra authentication added by Eaglesoft application? Thanks for the help!

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asked Arnav Kumar

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I'm working with an office that recently updated and is experiencing the same issue. Did you ever get this resolved and if so do you remember what was done?

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answered Corey Schmidt

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