Connect Microsoft Power BI to Exact Online

What connection string should I use to connect to Exact Online from Microsoft Power BI using Invantive SQL?

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asked Guido Leenders

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The typical connection string for Exact Online XML and REST APIs would be:


Please replace '.nl' by the Exact Online country of the data center, such as '' for United Kingdom and '.es' for Spain.

The provider attribute specifies the backend driver.

You can also use databases built up using multiple globally separated data containers using settings.xml. In that case you will need to manually configure settings.xml and then refer to the group and database name instead of the provider:


And all connections, whether from Visual Studio, Telerik or Power BI, can use:

User ID

log on code to use.




specify log file location. Activated when specified.


specify location of file with license key.

All other connection string attributes and their values are forwarded to the master provider chosen. For example, xml-directories=c:\temp;d:\temp forwards to the XML file provider.

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answered Guido Leenders

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