Connecting to UNIT4 Agresso - ODBC

Dear fantastic geeks,

I'm reaching out to you wishing that you could help me with this one.

I'm trying to connect a UNIT4 Agresso DB to PowerBI so I coulld create live visualization of the data; just like what has been done in this post but I'm nothing near that. To access the DB that I'm aware I need the link to the DB, my client ID, my user name, and my password. I got em all but i lack the method of having this done!

I tried using the UNIT4 Multivers ODBC driver but i had no luck with it. Whenever i test i get the following error and screen shot, which basically says "list of available databases could not be retrieved". Now Im at a point searching for other drivers such as Servicenow, but not so sure where to start with.

enter image description here

Looking forward to you much appreciated support


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