MySQL on line won't allow connection from just one computer

I have a number of computers all successfully connecting to MySQL on-line via GoDaddy. There's one computer which will not connect ie. won't open the MySQLConnection.
I have tried these connection strings:
Server=123.456.789;Database=my_database;Uid=qwerty;Pwd=asdfghjk;default command timeout=20;
Server=123.456.789;Database=my_database;Uid=qwerty;Pwd=asdfghjk;Connection Timeout=5;
the top one is the one which works on everyone else's computer.
All computers are Windows 8, some in Italian including the one which doesn't connect.
Can anyone suggest something to try? I turned the firewall off temporarily, which still didn't let it connect.

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asked Jonathan Trahair

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