ArgumentException occurs when specifying IsolationLevel in DB2 ADO client

The following VB .Net code fails on the last line with an ArgumentException because of the IsolationLevel. I'm using V11.1 of the IBM DB2 ADO client(IBM.Data.DB2.dll). Does IsolationLevel work at all? I've tried dozens of values to no avail.

    Dim dd As New IBM.Data.DB2.DB2ConnectionStringBuilder
    dd.IsolationLevel = System.Data.IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted
    dd.Server = "myserver"
    dd.UserID = "d2admin"
    dd.Database = "SAMPLE"
    dd.Password = "password"
    Dim dbConn As New IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Connection(dd.ConnectionString)

Thanks in advance,
Clifton Sothoron

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