Password for ODBC Connections

Hi everyone
I´m working with Visual studio data tools to create a DTSX that will work in SSIS.
when I create the ODBC Connection I need to write a USER and PASSWORD for this connection but the password is not persistent.
This is my string connection : " Driver={iSeries Access ODBC Driver};uid=FTPUSRTEST;system=ASBCTEST;dbq=SDBFILCOMP SDBFILCOMP SDBINFCOMP SDIFILP OPCFILP CLUFILCOMP;dftpkglib=QGPL;languageid=ENU;pkg=QGPL/DEFAULT(IBM),2,0,1,0,512;qrystglmt=-1;translate=1;libview=1;prefetch=0;signon=1;blockfetch=0 " I been reading and someone says that i can put the password in the string, but i need the password be encripted so and that way no one will see it.

Honestly i don´t know whats else can i do to resolve the problem.

I need a way to save the password on the conection.

Sorry for my english i´m from Argentina and i´m not a good writing.

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