Remote MySQL Linked Server in SQL Server, only show names of the tables.

Remote MySQL Linked Server deployed in SQL Express Management Studio do not show any content and structure, it only LIST NAME of the tables belongs to the remote connected MySQL database

A remote MySQL database is running in a Linux server and, working in a Windows Server with sql database, I need to manage data from that remote database.

Tried to connect with different ODBC drivers and everything is OK in terms of connection. But, after successfully created a linked server in the Sql Server Microsoft environment, when deploy the tables tree of the referred database, only the list of the table names of the complete database apear there in the catalogue area of Linked Server SQL Server object, no way to show columns neither data.

Trying to verify if the problem come from the origin, installed in the same windows server the workbench app, and in this case the complete deployment of that database come correctly.

Same issue in Windows Server 2012 and 2016

Changed many parameters and the problem persist. Can somebody tell me which is the correct way to solve this connection?

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