ODBC connexion to MySQL from Excel/VBA won't work any more on Windows 8.1

Some days ago, I finally succeeded in establishing a dialog between my Excel 2007 sheet on a Windows 8.1 computer and a MySQL database on the Windows 2008 server of the active directory domain using ADO/ODBC in VBA.

Then I accepted the Microsoft suggestion of 3 imprtant updates on W8.

And today, the dialog fails on the connection string :
"DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver};" & _
" SERVER=xxxxx;" & _
" DATABASE=xxxxxxx;" & _
" UID=xxxxxxx;PWD=xxxxxxx; OPTION=3;"

I precize that phpmyadmin works perfectly on W8, same as ODBC driver : "Test" succeeds witout hesitation.

Is ther a known issue with recent Windows 8 updates, or something else ?

Excuse my limited english and thanks a lot.

1 answer

I post the answer I found, in the case somebody where interested...

I defined a DSN as "System data source" in the ODBC Administration tool, say "MySystemDSN", and my connexion string is simply "DSN=MySystemDSN"

Information found thanks to Google who routed me on an MSDN page. I did not tried if it worked with "User data source"