connecting to SQL Server 2014 Import and Export Wizard - problem with ConnectionString

Installed SQL Server 2014, and using MS SQL Server Management Studio, if that matters.
Very simple question: how do I get the Import-Export function to (I believe I should be using the 32-bit version.)

I'm trying to do a very simple thing--import an Excel file into a new Table, and then perhaps export a file that results from my query to an Excel file, or to an Access file.

I fire up the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, select the .Net Framework Data Provider for Odbc (it populates when I select Excel), and then get a modal error message:

The ConnectionString property has not been initialized. (System.Data).

Searching the Internet, I see all kinds of advice about doing code in C# or VS, but I gather I just need to create a simple config file somewhere with Notepad, or modify a tnsnames file.

What the hey is the trick here: I'm just trying to import/export Excel. It's all to/from my laptop, totally local.


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