Connecting to MySQL from another PC on the network

On a simple Windows LAN the computer name of the laptop machine with the MYSQL instance is "CHARLES"

This connection string isn't working for me:
"server=CHARLES;Uid=root;database=db001; Port=3306; Persist Security Info=True;pwd=xxxxx"

Anyone have a suggestion for connecting from another PC on the network? (I'm using Visual 2005.)


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Can you access the machine over the network at all?

Maybe try to add "Protocol=socket;" to the connection string.

Tough to guess on this though...

Any error messages?

Good luck!


It was the firewall who didn't let me through. It's working now.

Thanks anyway!

Sir.... Your Problem... was solved.....

Can i know how you solved it???

I have the same problem with the connection of mysql server.

i'm trying to connect another computer without mysql

to a computer that have the database and mysql server.

can you give me a step by step procedure... or the best connection string on how connect it.... and lastly... the setting of the firewall....

thanks for advance......

i hope... you will help me.... please....

thanks again....

have a nice day...