Connecting To MySQL v5.1

  • I'm not doing any fantastically difficult task here, I'm simply at an html editor (not a code editor, but could be) and desire to connect to my MySql database. I know its name (the databases), username and pw for such, I simply desire to be able to connect, open then insert a row, fill the records of such with data, then save this record. I'm concentrating on other facets of functionality and thus desire this simple use of MySQL at the moment.
  • As well, I'm not able to utilize any programming software at this time and thus can only utilize simple code editing as is provided by hosting services.
    Q1: Is this possible? Using MS-Word 07 or the hosts simple code editor? Do I utilize a call amongst html code to a script section and write VBSript to handle these MySQL operations?
    Q2: Is connectivity and manipulation of MySQL databases technically too difficult to do in html code via scripts? How 'bout script files that my html code calls?

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