Trying to connect XP (32bit) Notebook to MySql DataBase via internet connection

I am from Bahamas with a 32bit XP Notebook
I have just installed industrial commercial software
(who are major international suppliers but have a hopeless [almost nil] support centre).
I need to connect (via the internet) to a US Hosted DataBase (my boss's).
I do have all the MySql names and access codes.

Software runs Microsoft.Net framework (on my notebook)which is correctly installed (at least no more error messages).

Have added my IP to the server connect port info and added server IP to my notebook host port info.

I have installed (on my notebook) mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.8-win32 and entered all details - when I do a TEST - I am advised CONNECTED is OK

When I run this commercial program - all runs fine - until I try to connect to the external database.
I enter the following detail
Username abcdefgh
Password ********
When I press CONNECT ...

I get the message
Can't open Data Source
{Microsoft][ODBC-Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

I am inexperienced and uneducated in these things (and do not want to lose my job) ... if anyone can help ... much appreciated but pleased be very specific so I can do it correctly.
Seems I just need to add some sort of connecting string so I really do appreciate this website.

1 answer

Try to use this mysql odbc driver and insert the following connection string in drivers configuration

Login Prompt=False;User ID=root;Password=root;Data Source=localhost;Database=test

This is just a test connection string. You must insert your own parameters.