Determine Server IP Address

I am trying to make a connection from an HTA to a SQL Server 2000 server on a network but only know the name of the server, not the IP address. The connection strings don't want to work with the server name. Is there any way to determine the IP address of the server?

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You should have a DOS screen handy amongst your Windows icons, normally found under Start (lower left hand corner of desktop), the All Programs, then Accessories. It may be labelled something like Command Prompt. But it'll have a dos screen type icon. Alternatekly, create a shortcut with cmd.exe as the location value.

Run this, and you'll get a DOS screen.

In the DOS screen, type ipconfig. The IP address should appear as one of the values in the list that will appear.

If no luck in getting this done, see your local IT Support staff.

Hello, further to this, it's occurred to me that I may have misunderstood something. You may not be on that server.

If that's the case - i.e if you are on a workstation connected to the server - then do as above , but type in ping (server name) at the DOS prompt. This'll give you the answer that you're after.