Connecting MySQL from another PC on the Network

On a simple Windows LAN the computer name NIPA-PC has the MySQL Database = Office and the rest of the computers on the network dont have the Database = Office: What I'm trying to do is to connect the other pc's without the Database = Office to the Computer "NIPA-PC" but
This connection string isn't working
"driver={mysql odbc 3.51 driver};server=NIPA-PC;database=Office;UID=root;pwd="

The Error says that: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 driver] Host("Computer on the network connecting to NIPA-PC") is not allowed to connect to this MySQL Server..

thanks for your help.........

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I am not anywhere near an expert - but I received the same error when setting up my connections to a MySQL server. My first bet would be that you have not set-up the root user to receive connections from the other computers in your office. The default root username typically receives a connection from the computer MySQL is setup on -- either through the loop or through localhost.

My first guess would be that you need to set-up MySQL to receive a connection from your other computers. An example would be if your LAN uses a DHCP server giving out IP addresses in the 192.168.0.XXX range (or 192.168.1.XXX) then I would set-up a root user in MySQL with a host of - from what I learned trying to get my connection working - if you add the / at the end of the then it tells MySQL to allow any computer on the LAN to connect as long as the IP address of the asking computer starts with 192.168.0 -- and is on the same LAN (or if you want the last two groups of numbers to be 'wild' then do

The issue that took me a long time to figure out on my connection is that my MySQL server was sitting within the IP address range - but was actually on a different LAN (it was working off a different router that had acted as a DHCP server separate from the DHCP server for the rest of the LAN).

Hope this helps . . . without anyone else answering it kind of defaults to the blind leading the blind . . .