Escaping a semicolon in Oracle Connection String

I hope you can help me with my (hopefully) easy problem :)

I am using the following connectionstring to connect to the Database in VBA:

strCon2 = "Driver={Oracle in OraClient11g_home2};Dbq=MY_SERVICE_NAME;" & _
              "Uid=MY_USER; Pwd=MY_PASSWORD;"

Everything works fine. If the user, however, uses a password with a semicolon, the connection fails saying that the user/password is wrong. Is there any way I can change the connection string such that it also works with semicolons in the password? I tried using curly braces, but then I get the error message "Invalid string or buffer length".

Thank you for your help,

4 answers

See knowledge base article "Formating rules for connection strings".

Bullet number three.

Does it solve your problem? Let us know!

Thanks for your answer!
Unfortunately that doesn't seem to solve my problem. I did the following:

strCon2 = "Driver={Oracle in OraClient11g_home2};Dbq=MY_SERVICE_NAME;" & _
"Uid=MY_USER; Pwd=" & Chr(34) & MY_PASSWORD & Chr(34) & ";"

and it again yielded the strange message "Invalid string or buffer length"... This error message is very weird. Could it be an 32bit/64bit issue?

I think you are interpreting the formating information wrong.

Did not test it myself but it should be like this:

strCon2 = "Driver={Oracle in OraClient11g_home2};Dbq=MY_SERVICE_NAME;" & _
"Uid=MY_USER; Pwd='" & MY_PASSWORD & "';"

Does it work with the above format?

Unfortunately, I again got the message with the Invalid string or buffer length - really strange