Sybase ASE OLE DB provider for 12.5


I am working on migration from Sybase to SQL server 2005 project. I need to connect Sybase through OLE DB provider.
I want to download Sybase ASE OLE DB provider for 12.5

Is there any location/link from where I can download and install it on my pc?


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I realize this is an old post but some may be wondering if there is something out there without a need for Sybase subscriptions for new drivers. There is Java. JDBC is available through open source and a proven winner in dependability.

net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver - Sybase ASE 11.5.1

I am linking a MS Access (2007) application that runs in runtime using the driver. Check here for the combinations in your connection string to make use of it.

Another suggestion is if you have not already done this, if in VBA or anything else is create an XML config file like .net projects do. Hard coding is a bad idea and more headaches for the programmer when having to redistribute rather than making a string adjustment. Think OOP.

As an alternative connectivity solution you can use Sybase ODBC driver. You can download it and test in your environment.