Linked Server on SQL2005 to Sage50-Pervasive via ODBC

I have the Sage50 Pervasive ODBC driver installed on my Win2003 server. I have Sage50 configured for ODBC access (known in Sage50 as Crystal/ODBC access).

I'd like to set up a Linked Server in SQL2005 to connect to the Sage50 data. I can connect just fine via MS Access and the ODBC driver.

Can anyone tell me the correct settings for the following for the Linked Server?

  • Provider: (I assume Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers)
  • Product Name: (I am using same as DSN - Sage50)
  • Data Source: Sage50 (my ODBC data source name)
  • Provider String: (I feel like I have tried everything)

and then is Location or Catalog needed?

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