Use an SQLite database from ASP Classic

I have to change the database accessed in an ASP CLASSIC application.
It was tested using mysql with ODBC driver.

BUT... for "personal" reasons, the user wants his application to be installation-less and the data-base should be serverless. Therefore SQLITE database seems to be adequate instead of mysql or any other server database.

May be I'm wrong but i think that :

  1. ODBC driver needs to be installed (with administrator's rights)
  2. ODBC driver for sqlite is not standardly provided with sqlite
    I tried on my pc installing odbc driver on my win7. seems to be correct but I can't access my DB.
    What should be the connection syntax
    (let's say my db file is on D:\myApps\thisApp\sqlite and is named mybase.sqlite)

If I can't use ODBC what could be another way to access my database.

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