C# / .NET Connections to DB2

Can anyone tell me more about using a "CurrentPackageSet" with a connection string to a DB2 database from a C# / .NET application? (by the way... what is a "CurrentPackageSet"?)

I'm experiencing connection problems with some DB2 databases (that appear to be set up as remote / relay / proxies to the actual DB2 servers).

Also I'm assuming that Entity Framework 6 is the only supported .NET technology for DB2 (without buying commercial drivers) so Entity Framework CORE is not supported yet.

2 answers

i think this link solve your problem, connection strings in ADO.Net

Ben, thank you for posting. Unfortunately no that link doesn't help at all. It doesn't explain what a CurrentPackageSet is nor how to correctly specify one in a connection string. I tried "Package Collection" and "PackageCollection" as inspired by that link but both still just give me an "Invalid Argument" exception.