Change chart set for odbc_connect

I don't know if I'm in the right place.

I have done everything with PHP and ODBC so far. Now I wanted to make my homepage show-like and I made it with WordPress.
so far everything OK
I have included a PHP (former site) in the WP. The include works fine too. Only no special characters are displayed.

If I call the former page directly without WordPress it is displayed correctly.

The data displayed on the external page comes from an odbc_connect interface, which gets the data from an Access database.
According to other forums, which I have also asked, what con said wrong charset.

Now my question, how can I change the charset of an odbc_connect from io8859-1 to utf-8? I never had to specify the charset before, everything was displayed correctly.

Original File =
Included File =

Code in original file

$conn = odbc_connect($_DSN,$_User, $_PW) or die("Verbindung fehlgeschlagen");
$SQL1 = "SELECT * FROM Tabelle ";
$SQL1R = odbc_exec($conn, $SQL1);
while($SQL1Z= odbc_fetch_array($SQL1R)) 
echo $SQL1Z["typ"];


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