re: Having hard time with Microsoft ODBC connection to Oracle

Hello, Could anyone please tell me what do I need to do in order to connect to Oracle 11g through VB script. I already had my tnsnames.ora file set up on my machine and I was able to TNSPING to the Oracle 11g database and I was also able to SQLPLUS mylogin/mypassword@database. Both TNSPING and SQLPLUS are working. I also was able running successfully test the microsoft ODBC administrator on my machine which was successfully connect to the the Oracle database. My question is that what do I need to do or what else do I need to install in order to run successfully this connection string from my VB script.

strCon = "Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle}; " & _ '' "CONNECTSTRING=(DESCRIPTION=" & _ '' "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)" & _ '' "(HOST=" & dbhost & ")(PORT=1521))" & _ '' "(CONNECTDATA=(SERVICENAME=" & UCase(sDomain) & "; uid=myid;pwd=" & mypassword & ";"

When I ran it, it said the microsoft ODBC driver for oracle not defined. I don't understand why and what I need to do ?

Thanks, Mi

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asked minh tran

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I am looking to learn more about this issue. Thank you for sharing. I will follow this site regularly.interesting. I like your suggestions. thank you for sharing. abcya

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